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Arts classes in the current American education system are lacking profound and thoughtful lessons geared toward developing fundamental visual thinking skills.

Give your child the fundamental building blocks of visual creativity: the ability to communicate graphically; to understand composition, proportion, and perspective; and to develop an essential non-digital skill that provides relief from computers and other screens.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the following freehand sketching skills and techniques: composition, value/contrast, contour lines, and perspective.
  • Improve your ability to use freehand sketching as a thinking tool and way of expression.
  • Increase your focus and memory while learning about the existing built environment.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    WEEK 1: Drawing Composition and Thumbnails

    • LESSON 1A: Introduction

    • LESSON 1B: Composition and Thumbnails

    • LESSON 1C: Thumbnails 2

    • LESSON 1D: From Thumbnail to Full Sketch

    • LESSON 1E: Optional Homework & Preview Week 2

  • 2

    WEEK 2: Value and Contrast

    • LESSON 2A: Week 2 Overview

    • LESSON 2B: Breaking Down Values

    • LESSON 2C: Value Exercise 1

    • LESSON 2D: Value Exercise 2

    • LESSON 2E: Optional Homework and Preview WEEK 3.

  • 3

    WEEK 3: Contour Lines

    • LESSON 3A: Week 3 Overview

    • LESSON 3B: Contour Line Description and Demonstration

    • LESSON 3C: Contour Line Exercise 1

    • LESSON 3D: Contour Line Exercise 2

    • LESSON 3E: Optional Homework and Preview Week 4

  • 4

    WEEK 4: Perspective

    • LESSON 4A: Week 4 Overview

    • LESSON 4B: Perspective Descriptions and Demonstrations

    • LESSON 4C: One Point Perspective

    • LESSON 4D: Two Point Perspective

    • LESSON 4E: Optional Homework and Preview Week 5

  • 5

    WEEK 5: Faster Sketching

    • LESSON 5A: Week 5 Overview

    • LESSON 5B: Speed Sketching

    • LESSON 5C: Bringing it All Together: The Final Sketch

    • Lesson 5D: Final Words

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